Main Details
Works Number
0-4-0 Battery Electric
KGR rebuilt by SdR
In service

JACKIE [Warriner] is a flameproof battery-electric mining locomotive owned by SADMC for use in the Gulch copper mine at High Topps.

Originally built as a Danny class diesel by KGR Ltd in Orpington Kent, Jackie was re-built as a battery-electric to meet mining safety requirements. The locomotive now has new frames, wheels and electric traction equipment supplied by Essel Engineering Ltd.

In common with all battery-electric locos the batteries themselves are housed in an enclosed battery box above the main frame. Access for battery maintenance and charging is by opening doors at the top of the box.

JACKIE has also had additional steel sections added along the sides of her main frames to increase weight for improved adhesion on the severe gradients encountered on the climb to the Gulch copper mine at High Topps.

Battery Electric Loco No.5 JACKY
Battery Electric Loco No.5 JACKY