Main Details
Works Number
0-4-0 Battery Electric
Low End Works
In service

Brand new battery electric mining locomotive No.6 entered service on 29th March 2021, following initial test runs and subsequent modifications/adjustments which began on 23rd March.

She is the very first locomotive to be entirely designed and constructed in-house by the SdR at our Low End Works and will carry the name DOT, after Dorothea Callum, one of the founding prospectors for the SADMC copper mining company.

Technical features are:

  • Built to underground mining dimensions
  • Fitted with powerful LED headlamps fed separately from the traction supply
  • Headlamps supplied by Switch Electronics, Hull
  • Electrical equipment and chassis by Essel Engineering
  • Chain-drive transmission to all four wheels

Note: No.6 has had to enter traffic fitted with a temporary power control handle (wheel) because the one ordered from Forest Classics is currently held up in a shipment of parts coming from Germany.

The delay is thought to be due to customs problems caused by Brexit.

Loco No.6 at Beckfoot shed
Loco No.6 at Beckfoot shed