Brexit hits a new Low!

Submitted by andrew.sdr on Wed, 03/17/2021 - 02:45
The missing wheel....
The missing wheel....

Production at Low End Works is now held up due to Brexit border delays!

Loco No.6 is nearing completion but cannot be released to traffic until a proper power control handle has been installed on the driver's control panel.

  • The control handle will consist of a repurposed "traction engine steering wheel", which will be modified to fit on the electrical control potentiometer shaft.

Our supplier Forest Classics report that their latest shipment of parts from the Wilesco factory in Germany is currently delayed and our belief is that this is due to increased beaurocracy and checks on goods.

There are media reports of a huge tailback of trucks at the port, while our shipment is carefully examined by customs officials scratching their heads and wondering who in their right mind would want to import a little red steering wheel?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has not been asked to comment.

Temporary solution

In the meantime a temporary control wheel has been fabricated out of 6mm thick acrylic and secured to the control shaft with a small wooden wedge so that testing can take place under power.

Temporary control wheel in place
Temporary control wheel in place